Bilingual STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering, MathBilingual STEM Programme for Kids 3-6 Years Old

Dempsey Hill • Limau Garden • Orchard

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Learn English, Chinese and STEM in one class! Being the 1st bilingual STEM course in the region, we prepare children to be future-ready by immersing them in an interdisciplinary learning environment where STEM is taught in a multilingual speaking environment.

Bilingual STEM Playgroups

1. English STEM Playgroup

Bring Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Robotics modules to kids 3-6 years old in a fun-filled environment! Build your personalized music box, assemble voice animation recorder, create your mini volcano eruptions at our English STEM Playgroup.

Integrated Learning Points into hands on activities and discussion.

Expose to complex STEM concepts, such as coding logic, basic physics theory, chemistry foundation at early age.

Inspire STEM minded kids to pursue advanced level Robotics, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Computing Science in the future.

2. Chinese STEM Playgroup

Learn Chinese in the context of STEM! Play STEM concepts in Chinese speaking environment! Experience the best of both worlds: Chinese + STEM! Hands on activities to engage kids and make learning enjoyable.

Chinese STEM will lead kids to a series of exciting STEM topics: 奇妙的洞 Amazing Holes (Physics), 轮子的秘密 Fantastic Wheels (Physics), 头发的学问 All About Hair (Biology), 水的故事 Water Reaction (Chemistry) and more!

About Our Bilingual STEM Programme

A collaboration between R²D² Lab and Gifted and Talented Education

  1. 1
    STEM Programme developed by A* STAR top scientists and international patent researchers
  2. 2
    Interdisciplinary and project based pedagogy
  3. 3
    Refining children's grasp of Chinese language in the context of STEM
  4. 4
    Build outstanding STEM portfolio to succeed in school application

Why Is Our Curriculum Different?

Promotion of Knowledge Mastery

via adopting project-based teaching approach with structured hands-on activities in robotics, computer science, and engineering;

Solving Real World Problems

by immersing children in the fields of mathematical reasoning, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills

Providing fun and intellectually stimulating experiences

to inspire children’s curiosity and passion for STEM and nurture them to get that extra edge in in today’s rapidly changing landscape and in the future Smart Nation

Where Are Classes Held?

Bilingual STEM programmes are taught by experienced STEM trainers and preschool educators in beautiful and convenient locations: Dempsey Hill, Limau Garden and Orchard.

Download a free copy of our Chinese STEM activity book here!

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