Curriculum Framework

Acceleration * Enrichment * Extension

At GATE Junior, our gifted education curriculum is developed based on the acceleration, enrichment and extension framework.

We focus on the three dimensional approach to nurture our high ability learners

The Cognitive Dimension
Develop ability in various talent areas
Enhance strategic and inter-disciplinary thinking
Grow the ability to deal with uncertainty and complex problems

The Social Dimension
Develop empathy and sensitivity towards others
Enhance ability to work in teams
Understand the need for autonomy, while maintaining limits of freedom

The Personality Dimension
Develop grit and delayed gratification
Enhance originality, and initiatives
Encourage out of the way ideas

Our curriculum are built based on the 4 Pillars

1Critical Reasoning Skills

Critical Reasoning Skills are built in each subject module. Conceptual Level learning strategies are implemented throughout delivery of the lessons.

2Liberal Arts Study

Liberal Arts Study widen the knowledge spectrum of our children. Exposure to history, political science, psychology, philosophy and current affairs at a young age, gives the high ability learners a head start in liberal arts education, which has been proven to be the vital ingredient in their future success.

3Communication Skills

Communication Skills balance the social and emotional needs of high ability learners. Our English Oral and Public Speaking Programme trains our students’ superb communication skills in real life negotiations, stage presentations, and most importantly, social skills that will enable them to harvest the fruits of their high cognitive ability.

4GRIT Culture

GRIT Culture Virtue education everywhere: We instil the values “GRIT” in every one of our students, and adopt a ‘Growth Mindset’ approach in our teaching. Our team of educators support and set expectations high for the students to unleash their potential and go further.