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    Schedule a School Visit

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    Pre-admission Student Profiling Assessment

    What is a pre-admission Profiling Assessment:
    The objective of pre-admission student profiling assessment is to understand the student’s learning profile and keep track of their progress, discover and develop talent at early stage.

    The profiling assessment covers the following area

    1. Abstract reasoning ability
    2. Verbal comprehension and reading ability
    3. Quantitative reasoning ability.

    With our years of experience in dealing with advanced learners from 2 to 12 years old, we have developed a comprehensive database via assessment test and performance tracking of gifted learners.

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    Pre-admission Meeting with Parents

    Principal / Centre Director review Student Profiling Assessment, overview of our pedagogy and curriculum.

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    Enrolment and Adjustment

    • Teachers’ observations
    • Level adjustment
    • Special support required

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    Quarterly Progress Review with Parents

    Half yearly report and Annual PTM