New Full Day Programme

Full Day Programme Duration : 8.30am - 4.00pm

Full Day Monthly Fees: $1400 per month*  (usual Price $1800)

Flexi Holiday Programme will be provided to cover most of the MOE holiday weeks

GATE Junior Preschool @ 46 Limau Garden 

Bus Service Now Available

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Pre-enrolment Student Profiling Assessment

To understand the student’s learning  profile, discover and harness the unique gift of each child, based on internationally recognized assessment

Why GATE Junior?

The only kindergarten with Gifted Programme

Outstanding Alumni

 Our Alumni has been placed at the top 5% of many international renowned competitions and tests, such as Johns Hopkins University CTY, AMC, Trinity College London and ICAS.

GATE Junior Campus

46 Limau Garden

72 Loewen Road @ Dempsey Hill

Full Day Programme: 8.30-4.00pm

Full Day Fees: $1400 per month*(incl. afternoon enrichment)

Half Day Programme: 8.30-12.30pm

Half Day Fees: $1100 per month

*Promotional price only applicable to the first 10 full day children, usual price at $1800

School Fees (for Limau Garden)

In Addition

Flexi Holiday programme will be provided to cover most of the MOE holiday weeks. 

Take a peek into our K1 Einstein Class


Seize this opportunity to give your child a fulfilling learning experience! Get in touch with us for more information or school visit.

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