Half Day + Afternoon Enrichment Programme

Taught on top of core programmes (literacy and numeracy) and catered to high-ability learners 2-7 years old. 

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    History, Arts, Sociology, Literature, Geography & Current Affairs

    Our Shakespeare Plus Programme successfully integrates English and Chinese language art into Humanities module (Sociology, Arts, Literature, History and Geography) to produce a structured, knowledge-infused curriculum tailored for our young and inquisitive learners. Regular “age-appropriate” current affairs exposure and discussions are integrated into the lesson plan.

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    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical Reasoning

    Our Einstein Plus Programme is designed to cultivate investigative and reasoning skills that are the important building blocks for the continual appreciation of advanced academic learning.

    Our GATE signature Mathematical Reasoning module based on famous Singapore Gifted Education Programme approach inspires children to think like a mathematician, and enhances their complex problem-solving skills.

    Our critical-thinking skill-based modules of Science and Engineering provide hands-on, discovery-based, research-oriented activities that are cross-curricular.

    Technology Module covers coding and robotics skills at the Beginner’s Level, which focuses more on reasoning skills through a series of inspirational hands on design & development activities, such as building with coding animation, and automated machines to handle simple tasks. By using the state of art hardware and educational software, our children become savvy users of programming technologies and equipment at a young age.

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    Communication Skills, EQ, Social Etiquette

    An integral part of our mission is to enable our children to possess both academic and important life skills that will give our young and future leaders a winning edge. Our practical and creative curriculums focus on 4 key areas of communication skills: Ceremonial, Impromptu Presentations; Negotiation and Interaction; Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution and Executive Summary and Feedback skills. English Oral and Public Speaking programme will lead to Trinity College of London Grade 1-8 Communication Skills examination, which is internationally recognised.

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    Da Vinci programme produces better thinkers!

    The purpose of Da Vinci programme is to encourage children to have good experiences in the discipline of thinking. We would like our children to associate thinking as fun and rewarding. Almost all the enquiries presented in Da Vinci are highly conceptual.

    The thinking skills covered in Da Vinci programme are:

    • Concept formation
    • Visual processing speed
    • Spatial relations
    • Visual-auditory processing
    • Analytical thinking
    • Flexible thinking
    • Elaborative thinking

Class Schedule

Preschool Programme (Monday – Friday)

Enrichment Programme (Saturdays only)

» Haw Par Glass tower – Orchard

   (Opposite Plaza Singapura)

  • Full Day Childcare Services: 7.00am – 7.00pm
  • Gifted Enrichment Programme Integrated

» Limau Garden

  • Preschool Programme: 8.30am – 4.00pm

» Dempsey Hill

  • Enrichment on weekdays and weekends

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