Gifted? More kids sent for psychology tests

Gifted and Talented Education Centre, which has branches in Balestier and Bukit Timah and caters to high-ability students, started a programme for pre-schoolers in 2013. It currently has almost 100 who take part in its class in language, humanities, science and general knowledge.

Co-founder Claudia Yu said parents sign up after discovering their children are “very advanced in areas like numbers or verbal comprehension”. “Parents start to ask for help and learning support so that children can be exposed to more things,” she said.

She warned that gifted children could become unmotivated and unwilling to learn later on if they do not receive guidance.

Children at the centre learn more than phonics and the alphabet. They are trained in visual and spatial skills through tasks such as producing math puzzles. They also learn about current affairs.


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Source: The Straits Times




18th June 2015 News, Newspapers

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