Gifted kids get their own pre-school programmes

Our students at GATE Junior were featured by The Straits Times on the gifted education programme at GATE Junior.

“Most people assume that those with high IQ will do well in life. But actually there’s a risk of them performing less well than the average Joe because they’re demotivated in the wrong setting.” Mr Chng, GATE Chairman.

“Gifted education is not about hothousing; it’s a form of special education for children who need a different diet.” Ms Yu, GATE Managing Director.

“She asked a lot of questions, and teachers didn’t have time to answer her, so she shut down and got bored easily. Now she’s excited to go to school every day, because learning is made fun and the curriculum is very broad, from astronomy to Shakespeare to Bach.” Mr Sonny Panesar, parent of Akina, a 6 year old Mensa Junior member.

“His classmates are equally outspoken so they spur each other on.” Mr Wong, parent of Isaiah.


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Source: The Straits Times




25th September 2019 News, Newspapers

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