Kangaroo Math Competition (KMC)

Recommended age: Grade 1- Grade 12 (6-17 years old)Kangaroo Math Competiton (KMC)

An annual international math competition for primary and secondary school students. The Kangaroo Math Competition is the largest math competition in the world with more than 6 million participants annually, from 75 countries (Canada, Germany, Sweden, Latin America, US, Australia…) The contest originated from France and is administered globally by Association Kangourou san Frontiers (AKSF). Each local contest is organised locally by a national organiser.

There are twelve levels of participation, ranging from grade 1 to grade 12. The key competence tested by the Mathematical Kangaroo is logical combination, not just pure knowledge of formulas.


Platinum Certificate

  • Maximum score

Gold Certificate

  • Top 8% scorers

Silver Certificate

  • Next 12% scorers

Bronze Certificate

  • Next 20% scorers

Participation Certificate

  • Next 60% scorers