March Holiday Camps


The holiday is here again! We are back to engage with your child during the holiday. We have lined up a series of exciting holiday activities for your child. Let us know your preferred slots earlier. Due to our quality control, each camp has a limited number of intake.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us now to enjoy our special early bird discount. Together, we will make your child’s holiday more exciting and meaningful.

Our Camps will be conducted at Bukit Timah Plaza #02-23, Katong V #02-23/24/25/26 and 72 Dempsey Hill. 

Download the class schedules here

Learning Objectives:

The best of our Shakespeare, Einstein and Da Vinci Programmes for pre-schoolers

  • Shakespeare: English Language, Art & Humanities
  • Einstein: Mathematical Reasoning & Science
  • Da Vinci: Critical reasoning & IQ games

Learning Objectives:

Develops critical thinking skills to prepare students for future math and science competitions, and high ability tests. In addition, students will develop problem-solving skills which include a strong combination of both IQ Math and Science components to engage students in a holistic education of the STEM discipline (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Learning Objectives:

Our camps are structured to guide students through the creative writing process, from plot development to characterization, with a succinct focus on developing the writers’ individual voice. Our young writers will explore ideas generation within a collaborative environment and learn creative writing techniques (based on the latest PSLE requirements and Commonwealth Essay competition) to craft out their own unique short stories and become independent, creative writers.

Learning Objectives:

Prepare children for optimal performance in the 2018 P3 GEP tests. The camp will expose students to complex Math and General Ability components to develop their critical thinking skills in non-routine questions.

Overview of the topics:

Classification skills, sequencing, spatial reasoning, logic, analogies, abstract visual reasoning, mathematical reasoning.

Learning Objectives:

Prepare students for NMOS Competition (Math competition organised by NUS High School)

Learning Objectives:

Prepares students for SMOPS Competition (Math competition organised by Hwa Chong Institution)

Learning Objectives:

Prepares students for the Direct School Admission (DSA) Interviews. They will be exposed to scenarios that they may encounter during the interview sessions. This will instill confidence in them to face any challenging interview questions.

Learning Objectives:

A good leader is able to identify potential conflicts and resolve them creatively and amicably. This camp equips our young learner with practical strategies to handle difficult situations and skills to resolve conflicts.

– Identify feelings and needs behind conflicts
– Generate creative solutions for resolving conflicts cooperatively
– Master active listening skills (e.g. foundational Paraphrasing and summarizing skills)
– Be able to de-escalate situations
– Be more confident and assertive
– Be able to demonstrate leadership qualities

Learning Objectives:

This highly-interactive communications skills camp equips our learners with impactful conversational skills. Exceptional interview skills empower them to be effective leaders.

– Identify good and poor listening skills
– Master active listening skills
(Paraphrasing, summarizing, clarifying, encouraging, listening for feelings)
– Understanding empathy, reframing and de-escalation
– Handle difficult conversations and practise positive confrontational techniques
– Understand types of questioning and practice effective questioning