Our Team

Our team is the perfect combination of passionate educators from both gifted education and MOE schools. This makes us unique and able to deliver way beyond the regular programmes.

Credentials of our Team

  • Proven track record in gifted enrichment programmes
  • 80% of our passionate teaching force are degree holders and 50% of our curriculum team with equivalent post-graduate degrees.
  • Our specialist teachers are trained for teaching advanced learners based on our parent company GATE’s comprehensive training system.
  • Close partnership with internationally renowned gifted education research and training institutions, and ongoing support from associated clinic psychologists and education therapists.

Our team at parent company GATE, has developed extensive experience in gifted education, such as Gifted Education Programme, Math and Science Olympiad programme for both primary and secondary school students in Singapore, and even College application. We are able to provide a quality enrichment programme with a vision beyond the preschool years.