Trinity Prep Test

Recommended age: 5 years and overTrinity College London Communication Skills Graded Exams

A graded communication skills exams for candidates who want to develop and refine a range of transferable communication skills. Through creating and delivering talks and presentations, and interacting with the examiner in tasks focused on persuasion and negotiation, candidates develop skills that can have a positive impact on their education and within the workplace.

What Skills Are Developed?

1. Communications

The ability to express yourself in a clear and concise manner using appropriate vocal and physical skills.

3. Analysis

The ability to assimilate and evaluate information from a variety of sources and to develop and express your own ideas.

2. Interactions

The ability to relate to other people, demonstrating ability to listen, show understanding and respond appropriately in discussion on familiar and unfamiliar topics.

4. Performance

The ability to prepare and deliver a presentation, pulling together your own ideas in a creative manner in both formal and informal situations to engage and persuade your audience.



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