Why Gifted Education

Countries around the world recognise that gifted or exceptional children require a different model of teaching and learning to nurture their talents. The regular teaching or benign neglect of the gifted, leads to underachievement and in some cases to behavioural problems. (Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam at the opening ceremony of the Gifted Education conference 2004 as Acting minister for education)

Most research shows majority of gifted children underachieve in regular classroom and that almost completely lost motivation to excel by the end of the elementary school.

Every organism has an internal drive to fulfil its biological design. The same is true for unusually bright children. They have special needs. Not just learning difficulty kids need to be identified earlier, Gifted Children require early intervention too before they lose interest in acquiring knowledge and creativity killed by standard step by step approach.

Extensive research prove that a differentiated teaching model is necessary to unleash the potential of the gifted children.

Talented musicians go to special program developed for the group, gifted sportsmen go to the sports school at early age. Why not the intellectually gifted children go to the gifted program early?

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