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All about Gifted Preschool Education

Preschool Open Day

Date : 15th September 2019 (Sunday)

Time : 3pm - 5pm

46 Limau Garden


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46 Limau Garden

Singapore 467905



Collection of 65 best IQ puzzles 

Sharpen your child's Visual, Spatial, Logical, Verbal and Quantitative reasoning skills

Proven brain booster to improve your child's cognitive skills


• IQ assessment for pre-schoolers

• Misconceptions of being gifted

• How to support high ability children?

What are the internationally recognized IQ tests? How to interpret an IQ test report? How to identify high ability learners? Is IQ test accurate? Can IQ grow?

Must gifted pre-schoolers be early readers? Is gifted education about accelerated learning? Gifted learners don't really need much support?

What is the most effective parenting style? Shall we leave kids alone, they will catch up anyway? Any special programmes or school support for high ability kids?


Winning at starting line?

Or it doesn’t matter, they will catch up anyway?

Is IQ genetic? Can it grow?

Myth of Gifted Education

It's beyond English, Math and Science... the truth of gifted education for preschoolers

 • Rich dad and poor dad philosophy

What to Expect

Taster Classes

  1. Best of Shakespeare & Einstein Taster Programme 
  2. Registration required
  3. Act fast, limited to first 20 sign ups!

Specially designed for 4-6 years old kids

Parenting Talk

  1. Myth of Gifted Education (Preschool)
  2. How to identify and support high ability preschoolers
  3. Education options for high ability preschoolers

IQ Book Launch

For parents with preschool kids


Sharpen your child's Visual, Spatial, Logical, Verbal, Quantitative reasoning skills


At GATE JUNIOR, kids learn humanities (history, current affairs, geography), science (biology, physics, chemistry), English language art and mathematical reasoning. 

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